Every car owners know the importance of applying brake and why it is used, but no one have the idea about how does it works.

The rotor attached to the front wheel & the drum attached to the rear wheel rotates along with it when the brakes are not applied
The force generated by the brake pedal is boosted effect causes the brakes to respond even more quickly and the force from the Vaccum booster causes the piston inside the master cylinder to move against the spring force and allow the brake fluid to flow under pressure.
The brake pads when comes in contract with the rotor , friction is generated, which reduces the speed of the rotor and ultimately stops it completely. The pressurized fluid from the fluid lines reaches the wheel cylinder located the brake drum. The outwards movement of the piston causes the brake shoes to move towards the rotating drum and the brake shoes rub against the drum, generating friction and converting the kinetic energy into heat energy , and thereby stopping the wheel.

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The clutch is one of the most vital part of your car. The clutch’s job is linking your car’s engine to its transmission. Since your engine is always running, even when your wheels aren’t turning, your clutch has to be able to both link and separate.

A standard clutch assembly comprises of several different parts that fit together and assist in helping you to change gear and pull away smoothly. These are the clutch cover, clutch plate, pressure plate, clutch fork, clutch cable or hydraulic system and bearing.